Welcome to Estancia Primera

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome you to Estancia Primera. This residential community offers you and your family a safe and friendly place to reside as a permanent or part-time resident. We hope you will become active and participate in community activities.

For new residents:

Culpin Recreation Center Key Card
Each EP homeowner was issued a key card for entry to the pool area and patio at the Recreation Center. Anyone who purchased an EP home since the cards were distributed should have received the card at closing from the previous owner. A replacement key card can be obtained for a $50 fee with the authorization of the EPCSA President. Contact Brenda Shears  or 505 395-7979 for more information.

Annual Association Assessment
The annual Estancia Primera assessment is $656 for a home and $66 for an unbuilt lot. An invoice for the EPCSA assessment is sent to each home and lot owner the first of January and payment is due January 31. If assessment payments are not made in full on or before February 15, interest and a delinquency administrative fee of $50 are imposed. A lien will be filed on any property for which the assessment payment has not been received by March. Annual assessments for the nine neighborhoods within Estancia Primera are separate from the EPCSA assessment and they vary; check the individual neighborhood pages on this website for the amounts of those neighborhood assessments or contact an association officer for the neighborhood of interest.

Curbside Collection of Trash and Recycling
Trash and recyclables are collected early on Monday mornings. When a city-observed holiday occurs on a Monday, the collection will move forward to Tuesday. The city provides two large-wheeled trash containers for trash disposal and recyclable items to be placed at curbside on Monday mornings (or Tuesday mornings when Monday is a holiday) prior to 7:00 am. Please avoid placing the containers out on evenings prior to the collection day since they are likely to attract wildlife, especially bears.  Containers should be removed from curbside as soon as possible after collection has been completed. All trash and recycling containers should be kept in your garage or screened and concealed from public view when not placed at curbside.

Snow Removal Protocol
Avenida Primera South: Because Avenida Primera South is a City street, removing snow from it is not EPCSA’s responsibility. However, in cases of snow accumulation on Avenida Primera South greater than 6 inches or icing that have not been addressed by the City and that the EPCSA President believes may pose a significant health and safety risk to EP residents, the President (or his/her alternate if the President is unavailable) may arrange with a licensed and insured contractor to plow the street and/or treat it with sand or cinders. Any contractor hired will be required to provide the Association with a current Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Sidewalk Along Avenida Primera South Adjacent to EPCSA Recreation Center Common Area: An EPCSA Common Area borders City street Avenida Primera South from the border of Los Altos Norte to the Los Nidos end of the Arroyo Saiz bridge. Therefore, per the terms of a City ordinance, EPCSA is responsible for keeping the adjacent sidewalk clear of snow and ice. If snow on this walk does not melt by 2:00 pm on the day it falls (or the day after it fell if it fell during a night), or if his/her judgment is that the weather will prevent the snow from melting that day, the Recreation Center Manager will arrange with an approved contractor to clear the walk as soon as possible.

Clubhouse Entrance: Following every snowfall, the Recreation Center Manager will clear the steps and entrance to the Clubhouse and the sidewalk between the Recreation Center parking lot and the Recreation Center facilities for approximately 50 feet in each direction from the Clubhouse entry.

Recreation Center Parking Lot: If by 2:00 pm on the day snow falls (or the day after it fell if it fell during a night) there remains an accumulation of 3 inches of snow or more on at least half the surface of the Recreation Center Parking Lot, the Recreation Center Manager will arrange with an approved contractor to clear as soon as possible the parking lot and any uncleared portion of the sidewalk between the parking lot and the Recreation Center facilities.

Architectural Review Process
To maintain the pleasant appearance of our beautiful subdivision, all proposed architectural or significant landscape changes on your property must first be submitted to and reviewed by your neighborhood Architectural Review Committee (ARC). They will submit your application to the Estancia Primera ARB for final approval. Each of the nine neighborhoods in Estancia Primera has its own ARC and requirements for individual neighborhoods may vary slightly. Be sure to check the web page for your neighborhood on this website and contact your neighborhood ARC Chair before you make any architectural or significant landscape changes. All such changes must be approved by the Estancia Primera ARB before any work begins. For details please review: ARB Requirements.

EPCSA Board of Directors
The Board normally meets on the second Friday of each month at 9:00 am at the Recreation Center Clubhouse. Meeting days may change to accommodate the schedules of Board members. The agenda and meeting dates for Board meetings are sent to all homeowners with email-addresses about one week in advance of Board meetings. If you have suggested items for the agenda, please contact your neighborhood EPCSA Board member at least two weeks before the next scheduled Board meeting. Your neighborhood Board member’s name is on your neighborhood’s web page on this website.

Change of Contact Info
Please be sure to contact the EPCSA if you change your mailing address, email address, phone number or other contact information.

Board of Directors

For any questions about Estancia Primera, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Board.


Founding Documents

If you have not received a copy of the Founding Documents, please download a copy for your records.

Book of Resolutions

The Book of Resolutions summarizes and condenses rules, regulations, and policies approved by the Board from 1991 to the present.