EPCSA Board of Directors

The EPCSA Board of Directors currently consists of nine members: one Director from each of the nine neighborhoods within Estancia Primera. Directors are elected for two-year terms at the EPCSA Annual Meeting held in August of each year. Association officers are elected by the Board at the first regularly scheduled Board meeting following the Annual meeting. The Director for your neighborhood is your contact person to the EPCSA Board. The Board usually meets on the second Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Club House. Homeowners who have an email address on file are notified about one week in advance of each meeting with the meeting date and a copy of the agenda for the coming meeting. Homeowners are encouraged to attend Board meetings and participate in the proceedings during the “Homeowner Comment” period. Meeting dates may change to accommodate the schedules of Directors. Please contact your neighborhood Board member at least two weeks before the meeting if you have suggested agenda items. Please send email, telephone, and remote mailing address updates (where applicable) to the President so that we may stay in touch with you.

Financial Information

Please request EPCSA Financial information from our Treasurer,
Scott Bunton

President: Brenda Shears, Kachina Hills
505-395-7979 (home); 505-339-8149 (cell)

Vice President: Gene Creely, Aspen Compound

Treasurer: Scott Bunton, Los Altos

Secretary: Linda Averett, Los Altos
512 826-6898

Director: Jo Beth Speyer, Altamira
Director: Barbara Chamberlin, Cresta
Director: Connie Burke, Cumbre Vista
Director: Jill McIntosh, La Viveza
Director: Leslie Walker-Hirsch, Los Altos Norte
Director: Errol Levine, Los Nidos