Estancia Primera Tennis Court Reservations

Online court signup is available on a trial basis for the 2020 season. For access to the Tennis Calendar for court reservations please contact EPCSA President Brenda Shears, at or 480 203-5105 or 505 395-7979.

  1. Reservations may be made at a least 24 hours in advance for up to 3 times (1.5 hour increments) per week for up to two months in advance on the first of each month (for example, on April 1 reservations can be made through the end of May; on May 1, reservations can be made through the end of June, etc.).
  2. Reservations may be made at the same playing time each day for up to two days each week in order to allow others access to desirable time on the courts. The third reservation should be at a different time but not less than 1 hour from the time of the other two reservations.
  3. Contiguous reservations may not be made on the same day.
  4. Same day use of the courts for unreserved slots is on a first-come basis.
  5. Use of court rules are available here: Culpin Rec Center Rules