Events & Activities

The Culpin Center Clubhouse and facilities may be used by Estancia Primera residents for meetings or private events. There is a $75 usage fee for such use of the clubhouse. The $75 fee should be paid in advance to the Recreation Center Manager by check payable to the EPCSA. Any EP homeowner or home renter making a reservation on behalf of an outside organization must provide a personal check for the usage fee. Checks from non-EPCSA owners and outside organizations are taxable to the EPCSA and cannot be accepted.

To reserve the clubhouse for an activity please review the calendar for open dates and times and contact Greg Casey, our Recreation Center Manager, at or 972-839-9493/505-365-2152 to make a reservation and have your activity listed on the calendar. The Estancia Primera Women’s Group often organize special community events for the neighborhood and those events will also be posted on the calendar. Additional tables and chairs are available for use in the storage area just off the main room. When your activity is finished, please put away tables and chairs you may have used, sweep or vacuum the floors, wipe off the counters, and leave the clubhouse in the same condition you found it in.

There is no usage fee for the following:

  • All regular meetings of the EPCSA Board of Directors or other meetings called for by the Board
  • Meetings of the EPCSA’s ARB
  • Official meetings of the nine EPCSA neighborhood homeowner’s associations
  • The EPCSA Women’s group

The swimming pool area may not be reserved for functions.

Clubhouse Reservations & Activity Bookings: Review the calendar for current clubhouse use and then contact the Recreation Center Manager to make a reservation and have your activity listed on the calendar (see above).